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5 Important Facebook Page Tips for Businesses and Brands

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Matt Burkhead, CEO of Prodigy Launch explains each of these points.

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When using Facebook as an active social media marketing tool it’s important to make sure you get most out of your profile. Social media marketing is partly making sure that you post regularly (3-5 times per week). The other most important part is making sure you take advantage of the many features of Facebook so you can achieve whatever your goal may be for using social media. Whether you use an agency like us or you manage your own online content and search engine marketing, it’s important to get the most out of your time on Facebook.

Here are 5 quick tips that help your Facebook company profile go a long way.

Create and pin your events

pin to top
Whenever you have any company event, create an event and make sure you add all details. Then pin the event to the top of your page. People tend to checkout your page whenever you post any other content on your Facebook page.

Say you posted photos from a new product or service. Or maybe you posted a link to a great article in your field. Facebook users will often times click on the link within the post to visit your page. Once they arrive to the page, the first thing that they see will be your event. It’s a landing page conversion tactic built into Facebook! People will definitely see the event and maybe check it out. Drive more people to your events.

Boost Video Posts – ALWAYS

It’s a new day and Facebook is now pay to play. Meaning that in 2014/15, Facebook changed it’s timeline algorithm to not only favor boosted posts, but to make it nearly impossible for normal posts to be seen, even by your own page followers. While we could debate the ethics of this or whether or not they should have done it (seems to be working for their bottom line – 15 billion gross profit in 2015), you have to do it.

video social media marketing

$5 is all it takes to get thousands of views, more than you would ever receive without boosting and more than you would ever see using YouTube. We recently ran a Facebook ad campaign for a client where we spent $5 a day to boost a succession of video posts. The page only had around 1,000 likes, so each video would receive ~400 views without boosting the videos. After we started the boosting campaign the videos views and shares went through the roof. One of the videos actually had over 151,000 views. The page’s likes went through the roof as well with 1400 new likes in just a month.

Link your call to action (CTA) button

One of the benefits of a Facebook page is driving traffic to your website. However, it would be difficult to do this without a call to action button. When viewing your page from mobile (which accounts for over 55% of all internet traffic) your website is hidden within the page and requires a few extra clicks to find the link. By using the call to action button you put a nice large link and call to action in front of your visitor (see graphic below).

Facebook page marketing

Alternatively, make sure your CTA button is most useful to your business or brand. This differs by each page and company, and it sometimes seems like a no-brainer, but we suggest the following:

  • Book Now – for local businesses that require appointments (cleaning, haircut, etc.)
  • Call Now – businesses where their main visitor conversion is through the phone (customer service, doctors, lawyers, auto repair)
  • Contact us – for any business, but main service businesses that require negotiation or quotes
  • Send Message – companies with a full-time social media manager – customer service
  • Use App – for app pages but also for any company or brand with a new app they’re trying to push
  • Play game – for any game apps
  • Sign Up – great for events, 5Ks, races, camps, networking meetings – anything that requires registration
  • Shop Now – Online brands and eCommerce websites
  • Watch Video – for any company or brand but especially those with a new video or corporate culture video – Non-profits are a big one that comes to mind
  • Learn More – Any B2B company that does not have direct contact with the public but does want to publicly advocate for themselves. Think DuPont.

Track and list milestones

Milestones allow your page, and subsequently your brand, to become human. Very few consumers and business partners see your brand as anything more than a means to an end. That’s alright in the short term – you want to make the sale, you want more conversion. However, in order to build long-lasting relationships with clients and consumers, you have to humanize your company. PR and Marketing firms, like us, do this with elaborate videos, events, press releases, news appearances, human interest stories, etc. Milestones are the easiest way to do this through Facebook.

Facebook milestone marketing

Example Milestones to consider:

  • Your first year in business
  • The opening of registration for your event
  • Moving to a new office
  • Opening of the new franchise (or location) – then link to their new page or website
  • Hiring new employees
  • New business partnerships

Respond Publicly to Questions

Seems like a no-brainer, but with the new lighting-fast and sometimes harsh online news culture, you can be nervous to directly interact with consumers on your page. “What if I say the wrong thing?” “What is this invites more criticism?” “What should I say?”

A disclaimer: if you’re facing a public relations crisis like a bad product, bad press, or unhappy customers – consult with a PR firm (like us) before doing anything.

If you’re just looking at simple questions, “When is the event?” “When does the next order ship?” “Is there going to be an app update soon?” answer them. Directly answer the question in the most straight forward way. This does two things, it not only answers their question but probably answers another page visitor’s similar question. The other benefit is that it builds trust. Most brands, services, or products make sales and gain clients by providing worth. And in our day and age, worth is often times provided by making our lives easier by solving problems (luxury brands are an exception). By answering their question directly, so solve their mini-problem and provide a sense of trust that usually trickles down to your main services or product. “They show great customer service online, their work must be fantastic as well, lets work with them.”