Custom service plans – just what you need, nothing more.

We are fully prepared to create and administer your quarterly marketing plans. Just like an in-house team of 4-5 people just for you. We are also ready to work very closely with your existing marketing department or contracted workers to provide one specific service you need.

Everything goes through us: mailings, email campaigns, automated marketing systems, custom CRM systems, data management, sales reporting, speech writing, media training, press releases, social media management, website management and customer service, marketing campaign management, email campaign management, inbound marketing content creation management, event management, copyediting existing written and digital materials, even just checking over an important email before you send it, we’re ready to do it all.

Continued Support Services

For clients with unforeseen and sensitive marketing mishaps. This could include a crashed or broken website, an office email campaign that launched incorrectly, a social media trolling barrage (untruthful reviews), or any other unforeseen missteps that require attention immediately or at least within 48 hours.

You do not need to be a current client under contract to contact us with immediate needs. We have expedited service and consultation services ready to go. Please contact us if you need us. (407) 377-5334 –

Research Attract Engage (RAE)

It our simple plan for any client. Whether we run a complex, multi-year awareness campaign or we provide emergency counsel in a crisis PR situation. RAE is our proven method to provide excellent services for all of our clients.


Like any great marketing or PR campaign, proper research into your company, your goals, your customers, your industry, your specific market, your product and all other aspects that make up your brand and business is essential.

Initial research allows for the development of a plan that is succinct with measurable outcomes. “Pretty” and “cool” ideas are part of any PR and marketing campaign, but what sets us and other respected firms apart is our dedication to measurement and organized setup based on sound research.

  1. Starting with our initial consultation, we meet with you and try our best to get to know your company and your request for services and outcomes. 
  2. After doing our own research on current market forces, company challenges, goals, industry trends, competitor research, brand consumer demographics, and public perception, we create an integrated public relations and marketing proposal.
  3. After presenting the proposal to you and your team, we make necessary adjustments start the launch period of the campaign and services.


We create a multi-level campaign plan with services designed to attract visitors to your website, social media pages, and other earn media such as news appearances.

This is specific to each client but a few examples from our past clients include:

  1. Contacting education blogger to review and discuss our client’s new product with links to the client’s website and itunes purchase page
  2. Launching a multilevel social media marketing campaign that targets local customers of their product, seeking reviews for their Facebook page to boost their rating.
  3. Creating multiple B2B client outcomes human interest videos and giving them to industry magazines online to distribute and encourage visits to the clients’ new website to see their new product.
  4. Drafting a press release for our client to be sent to major media outlets to highlight a new services or product.


Once the audience arrives, we engage with them, continuing the conversation. Simply attracting people to your brand isn’t enough, you need to generate leads, sales, customers, clients, brand advocates, positive public perception…results.

These measurements and outcomes differ from client to client. But examples of these engagements include:

  1. Brand and company awareness through video series about company values and company culture.
  2. Customer engagement through online conversations on social media.
  3. Increased website traffic and sales/signups/donations through landing pages and campaign-specific landing pages.
Matt Burkhead

Matt Burkhead

Founder and Managing Director

Matt founded Prodigy after developing Prodigy's core PR and Marketing services and procedures himself while starting a few of his own business ventures. He has led Prodigy's steady growth from just 1-2 clients to an established PR and marketing agency over just a few years. Matt received his BA from Roanoke in Chemistry and his Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications, with a Public Relations concentration from Kent State. He speaks regularly at events about PR, marketing, and business development.

No snow days for us

Based in Windermere, a suburb of Orlando, Florida, it’s currently 77 °F and sunny in February as we write this sentence. We moved Prodigy down to Orlando in 2016 and we’re excited to start connecting at local networking events.

We’re international, domestic, and local

While we enjoy living and working in Florida, we work with clients from all across the United States and the World. From local B2B companies, regional universities, national B2C brands, or international tech/research companies, we do it all.

Still a private boutique firm

We’re still a small, private company with no outside ownership or investment. This has allowed us to reach out to clients we think we can help and intake clients that are the best fit for everyone involved. What you want to accomplish as a brand or organization needs to fit with our capabilities. So we want to make sure we’re a good match before moving forward.

Startup equity program

We’re becoming well-known for our startup equity program. We partner with interesting and promising new companies who are small on capital but large on potential. To learn more about our equity program, please visit our page and feel free to contact us.