Back from Myrtle Beach and the D1 FCS Senior Bowl

By January 4, 2013blog
View the live stream control room

View the live stream control room

The end of December was one of Prodigy’s most exciting. After attending Trilogy Lacrosse’s Stick It To Sandy Fundraiser and Clinic, securing spring and summer tournament filming dates, implementing a new college lacrosse filming schedule, we attended the CDFL’s set of three college football bowls.

Throughout our busy month, our participation with Collegiate Development Football League in the Division III Senior Bowl, D2 vs. NAIA Bowl, and the D1 FCS Senior Scout Bowl put us back on the road right before the Christmas holiday. The CDFL annually puts on these three bowls to showcase elite senior college football players. Prodigy filmed with multiple cameras at each of the games to create a highlight DVD and to live stream the games.

The DIII Bowl was held in Prodigy’s hometown of Salem, Virginia, Championship City USA. The DIII Football National Championship, the DIII Basketball National Championship, the DIII Softball National Championship, as well as many other regional NCAA playoff games are played in Salem every year. Prodigy’s founder, Matt Burkhead also went to Roanoke College which is in Salem. The CDFL chose Doug Shaw Stadium in Myrtle Beach for the site for the D2 and D1 games.

Overall, our last few weeks of 2012 were exciting and busy with not only filming for sports highlights, but also live sports streaming. All of the games were very well run with a lot fans. We’re looking forward to working with the CDFL again.