Content Creation Core Capabilities

  • Blog Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Current and Future SEO Keyword Research
  • Existing Website Content Copy-Editing
  • Guest Article and Blogging Submission
  • Social Media (Linkedin) Content Submission
  • Medium and External Blog Creation
  • Authoritative White Papers
  • eBook Creation
  • Case Studies Writing
  • Infographic Creation
  • Podcast Production and Distribution

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Content shows your authority, attracts visitors, and converts fans into believers/customers. No more SEO tricks, Google is demanding hard work for search engine ranking and genuine traffic.

Content creation in the form of blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, podcasts, videos, press releases, Linkedin posting, is what Google wants and it’s what you should want to contribute to the internet. Not only does it increase your search engine ranking (SEO) but it attracts genuinely interested visitors and potential customers. clients, leads, advocates, voters, and any other optimal visitor conversion metric for your industry.

Over the last 3 years Google has adjusted their search algorithm to specifically target and penalize websites that earned search engine ranking via paid back-links and other semi-black hat SEO. What was once acceptable is no longer. Google and other search engines are ranking websites and giving top page position organically based on key word quality within your website (like older SEO tactics), and based on the quality on the content on your website. This is where we come in.

When creating content that promotes traffic to your site and boosts your SEO, the content must be of high quality (like a full time writer) and it must be done consistently. Large companies and agencies are creating entire content departments full of writers, bloggers, copy editors, content distribution managers, keyword researchers, audio engineers (for podcasts), video editors, and slews of other managerial positions. However, for almost any company or brand, it’s very difficult for companies to pivot their entire marketing and advertising departments to make a new content creation department of 10 people.

This is where we shine. We are your content department. We provide all of these services for less than the monthly salary of one person instead of 10 full-time salaries (with benefits) or under-managed contract workers.

Besides providing content creation services we also actively develop and manage your content creation plan. The strategy of your content will be calculated and deliberate. It will be organized and center around the message we are trying to send as a company and brand in order to attract visitors and convert those visitors into customers or brand advocates.


Are you an education software company seeking more exposure and sales? We would create content for you that centers on trending topics in educational technology. Content that appeals to readers who are most likely teachers and school administrators. Blog posts, articles, and case studies all related educational technology and your product will be posted on your website and distributed to other content aggregators online. We would setup interviews with prominent educators and educational researchers and record those interviews for your podcast – freely available and distributed online to other education blogs and websites. People seeking the information and knowledge you provide through your content will find it through Google search and other blogs because this is what Google is rewarding.

Are you an emerging consumer technology company seeking investment and market feedback? We would create white papers and infographics about the use of your product in consumer markets. Within these post we would embed produced video reviews and test drives of your product by industry leaders and online news influencers.

The possibilities are endless, but that’s why we’re here. We manage your content and SEO to reach the audience your company or brand is try influence and convert.