Full service public relations and marketing to build a brand

When we first met with Bill Pilat four years ago, he was running the best lacrosse goalie camp in the country. Over these past four years, Prodigy has assisted TGS in their growth (80% business growth), expanded camp locations, and partnership with Nike Sports Camps, the largest sports camp company in the country.

Public Relations Outreach:

Reaching out to potential business partners

The Goalie School, wanted to spice up their summer giveaway inventory. We had several contacts in their industry (sports), and reached out to several companies to pitch a few ideas. We selected a lacrosse stick mesh company who’s mesh normally sells for $50-$80 each. The Goalie School needed close to 100 giveaways, so buying this amount of mesh was not in their planned budget and out of the question.

After negotiating with the mesh company, we were able to broker a deal where the Goalie School receives 100 mesh for free. What’s the catch? We traded paid marketing materials from our video library with the mesh company in return in return for the mesh. Both our client and the mesh company received something of value and it cost both of them nothing. This is what we mean by giving value to everyone in PR deals.

Brand Development:

Re-positioning The Goalie School as a stand alone

When we first approached Bill Pilat’s Lacrosse Camps Inc., they were a very successful camp company with multiple locations and different types of camps across the United States. The Goalie School was a camp offering within their website, but not separately advertised or branded.

However, they wanted to grow and wanted to hear our ideas on how we might be able to help them. After reviewing their business and brand, we proposed that The Goalie School be given it’s own website and new branding to help differentiate it from the other Pilat Lacrosse Camps. We wanted to pluck TGS away from the other camps to draw attention to it’s unique services – offering personal instruction to lacrosse goalies. This would us to concentrate marketing and branding efforts to one camp and allow for maximum growth. Bill Pilat, the camp’s founder, was also one of the greatest college lacrosse goalies of all time and had been running the camp since he graduated from college. It was a no-brainer to promote his authority on playing/teaching goalies in conjunction with celebrating the unique camp he had created.

Bill Pilat Lacrosse Camps had the unused domain GoalieSchool.org sitting around for years. We sprung onto the idea and developed separate SEO copy and branding for TGS and it’s new website.

new logo

Branding Services logos

old logo

new logo creation
Orlando web design services

Web Design:

Creation of GoalieSchool.org

TGS was a page within Bill Pilat’s lacrosse camp website, LaxCamps.com. A high-ranking SEO friendly website, but with the style of the 90’s, hard to navigate, and definitely not mobile friendly. To separately brand TGS as something special, we designed, developed, and launched GoalieSchool.org. The design is clean, easily to navigate, and it places a premium on mobile performance. See the change below.

Take a look

Scroll between the old and the new design (old design on the left, new design on the right)

Social Media:

Complete Social Setup and Development

TGS needed a completely new social media presence that targeted our key registration demographics. After creating an official TGS Facebook page, complete with graphics and copy,  we created a specific social media plan of action. We set out to create an online lacrosse goalie community through TGS’s Facebook page. Their social media wouldn’t simply exist to advertise about their camp, but it would create an online buzz and draw more like/viewers by posting content that interests lacrosse goalies and their families. By leveraging this audience when needed, we would have a loyal brand following to market camps and services.

This also included social media advertising. We took advantage of Facebook’s fantastic targeting system to advertise the page to people on Facebook who showed an interest in lacrosse. This was done through careful online research of potential target groups and their willingness to participate in the lacrosse community we were trying to cultivate online.

Through months of managing every aspect of The Goalie School’s social media, we were able to organically grow their following to over 2200 loyal Facebook users from nothing. With thousands of monthly video views, comments, shares, and multiple opportunities to talk direct with customers about their questions and to playfully banter back and forth.

The TGS Facebook page continues to pay us back as with each new event or status update we post, hundreds of loyal customers and fans interact with TGS online.

social media management

Video Production:

Instructional and Promotional Video Production

Over three days of extensive filming, we produced a goalie instructional video for TGS that is marketed and sold online through Vimeo On Demand.

Content Creation / Inbound Marketing:

Using video to win over sports viewers

Working to attract more viewers  and visitors to the TGS website, we knew it was going to be hard to compete for sports fans’ attention. Instead of betting on written content, we decided to go with the most consumed sports content online, videos. Prodigy Launch shot, produced, edited, and published 20 different videos for TGS, embedding them into various partner websites, social media pages, and the TGS website.

We also created a separate YouTube channel named The Goalie Channel to help build an online audience and central location for lacrosse goalie views. This allow us to put links back to The Goalie School in multiple locations online along with entertaining content.

Videos created included camp summary videos, college goalie spotlights, goalie interviews, and how-to videos – the most searched sports videos by keyword online.

Lasting branding, public relations, marketing, and company effects

Over the last four years, TGS has been able to increase business by almost 80%, expand to new locations, leverage new business relationships. In late 2015, TGS was approached by Nike Sports Camps, the largest sports camps company in the country. Noting their impressive camp along with strong brand recognition, Nike purchased part of TGS, ensuring the long-term existence and continued expansion of The Goalie School.