Working with RoanokeĀ College’s Office of Student Success to create an awareness video campaign for incoming freshmen.

One of the many challenges in attending college is finding your place in the world - making friends, studying your subject, and finding your future profession. We worked with current Roanoke College students to create two student success videos that were presented to thousands of people during new student orientation. These videos were used in conjunction with the College President's welcome speech.

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Brand Research:

What is the message we want to send?

Roanoke College, like any university or college, seeks to inspire their students to succeed. Working with their Office of Student Success, we had many meetings to discuss this current campus strengths and challenges. Many students find strength in meeting new people from across the world. Other students strive to find their place at the College using the resources provided to them. We worked to create a College brand and theme that encourages students from different backgrounds to seek out opportunities and to embrace the resources provided. This is not only a winning combination at Roanoke College but in any situation in life after college.

A simple and powerful message.

Student and Campus Outreach (Public Relations):

An honest approach with student involvement

We worked with Roanoke to identify a handful of current students to discuss their honest thoughts and feelings on college life and the many challenges they face. After meeting with students many times to talk with our production team, we started to develop a dialogue. We started to learn, and the College started to understand, about how their Roanoke experience had helped them embrace new ideas and cultures as well as take advantage of their strengths and improve their weakness through the many resources available at the college. This is always our favorite part of the project – talking with students.

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Video Production:

No scripts – real discussions – genuine insights and messages

After meeting with students to talk a little about their Roanoke College experience, it was time to start filming. But instead of canned lines and multiple takes, we let the cameras roll. This was a documentary-style production. Nothing fake, no planted messages, the genuine thoughts and insights from real Roanoke College students, faculty, and staff about what makes the Roanoke experience one-of-a-kind.

We filmed over multiple days in many locations. Filming interviews, student activities, professors in their offices, students in class, the local area – it was a totally immersive experience.

Powerful results

Over two years (and continuing into 2016) we produced powerful videos that expressed the true thoughts and feelings of Roanoke College students. It was a hit when paired with the College President's Welcoming remarks at new student orientation and really touched many people.