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Prodigy profiles college mentors for Roanoke College

Prodigy profiles college mentors for Roanoke College

In cooperation with Roanoke College’s office of student success and orientation committee, Prodigy Launch was commissioned to create a video that captured the true essence of mentoring on the Roanoke College campus.

Through interviews and research with various campus staff and students, a concept of dual mentoring experience was discovered and explored. Most students, faculty, and staff understand that mentoring and guidance are cornerstones of the small college experience. However, it’s not always clear what that entails and what certain students need. While some students need only light, pleasant mentoring and guidance, some students seek out much more. At a small college like Roanoke, students are given opportunities to explore both sides of the coin.

In a message to new students and their families, just hours after moving into their residence halls, President Maxey discussed these options for students in an assembly of hundreds of people. To finish his speech, our work was shown and received acclaim from new students, parents, and the rest Roanoke College community.

Watch the video and let us know what you think about the subject: