Public Relations Core Capabilities

  • Media Relations and Outreach
  • Influencer Relationship Building
  • Market Research Assistance
  • Product/Service Launch PR
  • Media and Presentation Training
  • Crisis Communications
  • Corporate Communications
  • Awards Submission
  • Partnership Negotiations

For crisis communications

Please call us 24/7 to speak to someone:
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Pitching your company to the media is only a part of successful PR.

We take a research-based approach to developing and focusing your message so it can have the greatest ROI potential. From new product launches to late night crisis communications planning, public relations is an art that requires creative thinking and precise follow through.

For each of our clients, we take time to familiarize ourselves with your company culture and identity. We are a team of media, journalism, marketing, and industry experts who act as in-house communications counsel. We develop PR strategies that are in your best interest as a company and brand.

Our powerful narratives are designed to be easily devoured by the media and consumers so your message can have the most profound effect. Our relationship with key industry influencers and media decision-makers only continues to grow. Your success is dependent on giving value to key influencers and that’s our specialty. Negotiations with us on your behalf are win-wins for everyone involved.

We seek client exposure in online and traditional media such as news interviews, product reviews, event production and sponsorship, endorsements, press release and print creation, giveaways and contests, social media community development, product placement, and development of long-term beneficial relationships with online influencers.

We work hand in hand and have great relationships with independent legal counsel to seek opinions and support in times of crisis planning to further strengthen and assure communications and public opinion planning. This is also convenient when business relationship opportunities arise in negotiation of mutually beneficial media exposure partnerships.

 Public Relations Sample Work

A sticky situation (Confidential Client) – Online Stolen Content Negotiation

One of our clients recently discovered that their online content had been stolen by an industry blog and presented as their own material. The client emailed us and was livid that someone had done this to them. We drafted a simple action plan to remedy the situation. The blog had a decent readership and was not directly selling our client’s material for profit, but was making some ad money from website traffic.

Rather than go down the route of legally forcing the blog to remove the content, we contacted the blog creator and negotiated that they acknowledge in the blog that our client was the original author of the content. We also had the blog insert several extra advertisements and links directly to our client’s website.

In the end, we helped our client gain more business and a new advertiser by working with the blogger instead of using a legal means to punish the blogger. It was a win-win for everyone involved.

Business Partnership (Goalie School) – Negotiating Media for Business

Our client, the Goalie School, wanted to spice up their summer giveaway inventory. We had several contacts in their industry (sports), and reached out to several companies to pitch a few ideas.

We selected a lacrosse stick mesh company who’s mesh normally sells for $50-$80 each. The Goalie School needed close to 100 giveaways, so buying this amount of mesh was not in their planned budget and out of the question.

After negotiating with the mesh company, we were able to broker a deal where the Goalie School receives 100 mesh for free. What’s the catch? We traded paid marketing materials from our video library with the mesh company in return in return for the mesh.

Both our client and the mesh company received something of value and it cost both of them nothing. This is what we mean by giving value to everyone in PR deals.