Services and Practice Areas

We specialize in fully integrated campaigns and on-going retained services that unite sound principles of branding, communications, marketing, creative development and measurement. Learn about our RAE method

New Product/Service Launches

Come out the gate sprinting. Make a huge splash for you product launch and ride that wave with PR and marketing pushing your product in front of as many customers as possible.

PR and Marketing Consistency

No more one-off marketing or SEO gimmicks, we setup and manage a consistent marketing and PR campaign that allows us to measure results and make adjustments to see results.

Public Engagement

Set yourself apart by creating a public perception that gives you recurring business referrals for years to come. Human interest stories, charity campaigns, public wellness campaigns, event sponsorship…tell the public why your company cares.

PR Influencer Outreach

Generate great relationships with media and industry thought influencers to give you brand and company a continuing presence at the forefront of the market. Bloggers, magazines, traditional news media, social influencers.

Reinvigorate Your Brand

A new message, fresh content, new website, a public outreach campaign, a reset for a slow period or no publicity. Let’s breathe fresh air into your brand like it’s the first day of business.

Competitor Research and Strategy

What are they doing? How did they do that? Let us find the answers and create a specific plan to make you at least just as competitive if not more competitive in your industry. Stay one step ahead of competitors.

Sales Motivation and Lead Generation

Give your company a uniform message your team can tee up and drive home consistently. Turn your website, content, social media, PR, video, and branding into a well oiled machine that consistently feeds your sales team and allows for adjustment.

Customer Relationship Building

The new communications era presents an opportunity to have an open dialog with customers and clients. Transparency and honesty win every time and we create a straight-talking culture for your brand that wins trust and loyalty.










CREATION (Inbound)