Video Production Core Capabilities

  • 30 and 90 sec ad spots
  • brand/person/company overview videos
  • event summary videos
  • sports event videos (slow mo)
  • human interest videos
  • company culture videos
  • viral social video sharing (Facebook/YouTube)
  • live event video coverage (emerging client favorite)
  • product/service sales videos
  • brand/company press narrative videos
  • year end videos – for customers or investors
  • conference or trade show videos
  • investment presentation videos
  • seasonal greetings videos
  • product explainer videos
  • short and full length documentary-style productions

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Video is the chocolate of consumable content. Consumers, clients, shareholders, investors, benefactors, leads, prospects, media influencers, your employees, your kids, your mom…everyone loves it and can’t get enough.

It’s video’s world and we’re just living in it. Out of all online content, video is #1 in viewership, conversion rates, ad revenue, website traffic, brand indentification, communications narrative, public relations outreach, product reviews, employee training, the list goes on and on.

Imagine being able to submit a professionally produced video along with your press kit or to bring along with you to an show or television interview. Or perhaps you could create a video series to illustrate product setup and useable benefits and tips for customers – like teachers using your new in-classroom teaching software or students using the software. Video is an extremely powerful and useful tool for any business.

That’s why we offer the service.

It may seem uncharacteristic for a Public Relations and Marketing agency to offer in-house video production. But we like to embrace what’s best for our clients, and video is just too important not to offer. The benefits of working with us to produce video is the not only the quality we produce, but also our extensive experience in distributing and putting video in the hands of the right people.

We integrate your video(s) into all of our PR, marketing, web, social, and branding services we offer and use it to strengthen and differentiate you from competitors and to solidify your company narrative/message.

From planning to post, we take care of all aspects of video production and marketing. Creating concepts, planning themes, scheduling shoots, coordinating camera men and other talent, post shoot editing, final mastering and distribution to TV stations, online media outlets, industry influencers, customers, clients, and to internal communications officers. From A to Z, we do it all.

Our sister company, PLFilms, is an award winning documentary and advertising production company.

 Video Production Work Samples