Maximum Results

with Small Teams

We have three simple rules for working with clients

{There are} No dumb questions

We've worked with all types of clients. Please tell us everything and feel no shame.

{there is} No problem too big

Let's tackle our web, automation, video, or marketing challenge head-on.

{There is} Nothing Off The Table

We'll craft a solution and project plan that involves as many or as little software and service solutions that are needed.

Prodigy is Matt and his friends

I started working in digital media over 9 years ago. I originally started Prodigy with the intention of building yet another marketing agency. However, as each month passed and I started working with more clients, I found the needs of my clients and the services needed were becoming more segmented, more specialized, and more remote. The needs of today are completely different than 2011 – WordPress was mainly a blogging platform, video marketing was a luxury, and automating 90% of your marketing processes was unthinkable. 

Here I am, years later, with a list of great clients and fulfilling projects, all successfully completed without the typical rows of open desks and bearded creatives. But instead, each project has been approached with the idea of exceeding the desired outcome with the leanest staff needed – which typically involved me rolling up my sleeves and planning the strategy, delivering on key services, and leading a small team of pros (web developers, video editors, SEO strategists, content writers, graphic designers, Google Ads specialists, social media marketers, etc.).

When you’re ready to speak about your project, your goals, or your challenges, I’ll be here. We’ll talk candidly and I’ll give an expert’s view of the right strategy, services, and assets to put in place to get the job done.